Solar Project Estimator

Solar Project Estimator
An A.M. Sun Solar Project Estimator's responsibilities include serving as an estimator resource to the sales staff, project estimating, and new client prospecting, executing and directing the estimating process within the procedure guidelines set forth.

Position Statistics
o Prepare proposals, quotes, contracts, or presentations for potential solar customers.
o Select solar energy products, systems, or services for customers based on electrical energy requirements, site conditions, price, or other factors.
o Provide customers with information such as quotes, orders, sales, shipping, warranties, credit, funding options, incentives, or tax rebates.
o Gather information from prospective customers to identify their solar energy needs.
o Take quote requests or orders from customers.
o Assess sites to determine suitability for solar equipment, using equipment such as tape measures, compasses, and computer software.
o Create customized energy management packages to satisfy customer needs.
o Develop cost reduction processes and material usage methods to reduce cost of goods while maintaining quality.
o Develop knowledge of best material suppliers to stay abreast of pricing and other opportunities to provide better value to customers.

Characteristics & Skill sets
o Outgoing personality
o Product knowledge
o Multi-task capable
o Professional appearance
o Organized & Detail oriented
o Initiative and problem solving skills
o Flexible
o Trustworthy & Honest
o Ability to work independent & with a group
o Ability to think on their feet
o Mathematics sufficient to be able to perform calculations

Compensation $15+ Commission

Don't Be Fooled

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